Branding Projects

Bling You

Founded by Tanisha Jangid in 2024, Bling You specialize in 18K plated gold & silver jewelry. Their mission is to redefine elegance & sophistication in the realm of affordable luxury jewelry. They strive to curate a collection that transcends trends, offering timeless pieces. Jewelry that are pieces of art!

Hotel Golden Chariot

Golden Chariot Palace is an up and coming hotel based in Jalore, Rajasthan. The goal was to design a distinctive branding that aligned with the owner's vision. This Hotel is trying to build it’s recognition as the largest property in the district, & the ideal place for destination weddings.

Mooing Gelato

Mooing is a gelato/ice cream brand based in Mumbai, India. The USP of Mooing is it's unique organic process and the fact that they make the ice cream in small batches to preserve freshness. It's brand identity elements, such as color, design, and logo identifies and distinguishes the brand in it's target audience' minds.

Sukoon Tea

Sukoon is a premium tea brand. It aims to provide all customers with fresh CTC tea procured directly from the gardens. From plucking of leaves, production, packaging to transportation, every step is fulfilled efficiently to ensure the best quality tea.


Edge is a tech manufacturing company that specifically focuses on producing cutting-edge laptops. Tech companies often want to project an image of innovation and cutting-edge technology. However, for laptops, reliability, and performance are equally important.

Aalay Interiors

Aalay Interior Design Studio is a firm based in Siliguri. Founded by Aakansha and Ashika in 2022, they aim to deliver designs with sophistication and elegance. They capture the spirit of the client & the essence of space.


Frisc is a sustainable water brand that delves upon it’s eco friendly packaging practices to provide a certain appeal to it’s target audience. Due to it's sophisticated appearance, it attaches a modern lifestyle to it. Environmentalists, businessmen & tourists are the key target audience.